Kien Viet | A House

It is known that townhouses are a very popular concept in Vietnam. The rows of houses are often close and have limited space in contact with the environment.

Kien Viet | HIA

HIA is a house renovated by raising floors and changing the space on the floor of an old 3-storey house.

Kien Viet | Daisy House

Inspired by the hobby of the owner of the house- a woman who loves daisy and wants to see it every time she wakes up in her house, the image and color of this flower is metaphorically designed and arranged in both the overall and the details of the house.

Kien Viet | DT House

DT house is a small house with an area of 5x20m, which is quite familiar in Vietnam. It was formed with the idea of a tropical house, in which the space and usage of materials can withstand the harsh climate in Danang city, the central of Vietnam.

Kien Viet | Nha Moc

The carpentry house is designed with the philosophy of building a house that is not only a place to live but also a place to protect people from the outside environment. the most important thing in the house is the space that connects people inside and outside.

Kien Viet | Hoa's House

Hoa’s house is a house designed with the philosophy that is called “emotional architecture”. After having some meetings with the owners of the house, considering their preferences, and discussing, design ideas and spaces are constructed from their own subconscious images.